How To Unlock Room 302 In Warzone 2 DMZ


            March 10, 2023

Players still have to work hard to find Room 302 in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

How to Unlock Room 302?

In the DMZ mode, which is different from the battle royale mode, you can only get to the room and its items after completing a small mission.

Strongholds in the game have a lot of AI enemies that shoot with surprising accuracy, making it easy to end a try quickly.

This has made it hard for players to get into Room 302.

If you want to do this mission for the rewards in this area, you should bring a friend or two, since the DMZ mode of Warzone 2 lets you do these parts in groups of three.

In the “Good Fortune” mission, players look for the Sawah Hotel, which is in Sawah Village, on the open map of Al Mazrah.

They end up in Room 302. Before trying to get to the top floors, players have to kill all of the enemies in the southwest corner of the map.

Once players get inside and see that Room 302 is locked, they don’t need a certain item or key to get in.

Instead, if players go to the roof of the building, they can use a skylight in the northwest corner to get into Room 302.

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