How To Use Bing AI Chatgpt? Let’s Check!


             March 13, 2023

Open your web browser and go to the Bing page. On the page, there is now a search box that can hold up to 1000 characters.

Step 1:

Type the question you want to ask in the way you would normally ask someone.

Step 2:

When you start the search, you’ll get a normal list of links in order of how important they are. 

Step 3:

Click the “Let’s chat” or “Chat” button at the bottom of the search box to get to the chatbot. 

Step 4:

The chatbot will have a “Balanced” conversation style by default. This will let Bing answer in a more neutral way, which means it won’t take a side on a certain topic. 

Step 5:

The ChatGPT version of Bing is “content-aware,” which means that the AI will remember your previous searches so you can ask follow-up questions without having to start from scratch. 

Step 6:

If you want to start a new conversation and forget the last one, click the “New topic” broom icon next to the “Ask anything” box and then ask a new question.

Step 7:

If you ask Bing a question, it will usually answer in bullet points or numbered steps. 

Step 8:

Move your mouse over the answer and click the thumbs up or down to rate it and help the service’s developers make it better.

Step 9:

Just like any other search result, clicking on any of the reference links will take you to the website.

Step 10:

swipe up for more information