How to Use Google Authenticator Offline or Without Sync?


         May 1, 2023

Step 1:

Get Google Authenticator and Install it

Step 2:

Turn off the Auto-Synchronization of the Time

Step 3:

Change the Time Manually

Step 4:

Add Accounts to the Google Authenticator

Step 5:

Use the Codes Offline

With a new update, you can now use Google Authenticator on any device that is connected to your Google Account.

When this happens, users who have the app on more than one device will see the same data on all of them.

This fixes the main problem, which is that you have to add a 2FA access code to every device you own.

Now, you can add that 2FA login code to one device, and it will sync with all of your other Google Authenticator apps in your Google Account.

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