How to Use Phone Link on Windows 11?


            March 3, 2023

 Look on your computer for “Phone Link” and click the right link.

step 1 :

 On the screen that says “Welcome,” click “Start.” Link to Windows 11 on Phone.

step 2 :

 Copy the link and paste it into the browser on your phone. You should be taken to the Google Play Store Link for Windows 11 Phone.

step 3 :

You should get the app if you haven’t already. Tap “Open” and then “Link your phone and PC” when everything is done.

step 4 :

You should see a message that says, “Is your computer’s QR code ready?”.

step 5 :

 Tap continue

step 6 :

Accept any permissions that are asked of you, and then hold your phone up to the QR code on your computer to scan it. If that doesn’t work, you might have to enter a PIN instead. Link to Windows 11 on Phone

step 7 :

Tap continue on your phone, then Continue on your desktop

step 8 :

swipe up for more information