Huawei P60 Pro

Also included in the large-size camera module are two circular camera lenses A CUP full-screen design, similar to the Xiaomi MIX4, is used on the Huawei P60Pro’s screen

Huawei P60Pro’s upper and lower borders are just 1 mm thick, and the design of its left and right micro-curved displays appear to be almost non-existent.

Both the Huawei P60Pro’s wide-angle and portrait lenses are 100 million pixels

However the lens with a larger aperture has a telephoto setting that can also be used for macro photography

The camera’s sensor has grown to a whopping inch in size, and the results are stunning

Huawei P60 Pro still regrets this time since this time it will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 895 CPU and will still be able to use 4G network

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