i9 12th 13900K

i9 12th 13900k, achieved 126 MB/s in the compression test with a file size of 384 MB and 3847 MB in 7-Zip, and roughly 1630 MB/s in the decompression test with the same file sizes

Although both parts had compression speeds of 513 MB/s, the Raptor Lake component was significantly faster at 150 MB/s.

With files measuring 5130MB and 51300MB, it completed the decompression test at a rate of 2600MB/s.

It means the i9-13900K is 20% more efficient at compression and 60% more efficient at decompression

Almost all file compression and decompression methods are quite CPU heavy, which explains the large increases for the 13900K.

Since compression and decompression can scale to a large number of cores, typically 32 to 48 cores are used at their peak

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