Information Can You Get While Accessing Someones iCloudInformation Can You Get While Accessing Someones iCloud

Photos:  One of the biggest reasons people buy iPhones is the good camera quality. Without mincing words, iPhone users take a lot of pictures.

Videos:  Still on media files, iPhone users take lots of videos as well. These videos are stored on iCloud for safekeeping.

Contact People store their contact list on iCloud as well. If you want to find out if a person has a particular contact on their iPhone, you’ll find your answers on their iCloud.

Notes Want to gain access to people’s notes? Check their iCloud storage.

Calendar & Reminder:  I’m not sure why you would need this information, but I do know you can get it on a person’s iCloud.

Location This data is not available for most iPhone versions. But if the target is using an iPad Air 4 or an iPhone X, you should be able to track their location via iCloud.

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