Intel 12th Gen CPU List

This time around, there is a 65W mainstream CPU and a 35W low-power CPU in the new lineup

We can now choose from a wide range of processors, ranging from the 35-watt Celeron G6900T to the 65-watt Core i9-12900(F)

To begin, there are the standard CPUs, which are available in large quantities and are exactly what we would expect

Core i5-12600, Core i7-12700, and the Core i9-12900 are all available in this lineup as locked variants (non-K).

In addition, there is the new Core i5-12400, which is the true successor to the popular Core i5-11400 from the Rocket Lake line of products

There is a suffix ‘F’ that denotes these items. For example, the only real difference between the Core i5-12600 and the Core i5-12600F

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