Intel Graphics Card with ACM-G10

The Alchemist ACM-G10 GPU used in this dual-fan variant has a complete 32 Xe-Core configuration

As many as eight memory modules can be seen on the printed circuit board. In light of these findings, it’s possible that this card is a 16 GB version of Intel’s new flagship Arc 7 A770 graphics card

– Up to 16GB of RAM and an ACM-G10 GPU in the Arc A770 (Faster Than RTX 3060 Ti) – In addition to the ACM-G10 GPU, the Arc A750 can hold up to 12 GB of RAM (Faster Than RTX 3060) – Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): ACM-G10, Memory: 8 GB (On Par With RTX 3060)

– Up to 6GB of RAM and an ACM-G11 GPU power the Arc A380 (Faster Than RTX 3050) – Infinite Memory Capacity with ACM-G11 GPU on Arc A350 (On Par With RTX 3050) – It has a G11 GPU and up to 4 GB of RAM (Faster Than RX 6400)

– Because the Intel Arc discrete graphics card engineering sample was given with dual 8-pin connectors, we should expect a lower power demand in the final product.

– The ‘Intel Arc’ logo is also illuminated by LEDs on the sides. Since the blue team is still working on the software for its discrete graphics cards, they expect to ship them in the second half of Summer 2022.

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