Intel Raptor Lake

The release of AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs, codenamed Raptor Lake, is also rapidly approaching, raising the stakes for Intel to maintain its streak with its 13th Gen chips. For the final quarter of 2022, they are projected.

1. Intel’s 13th generation processors are minor upgrades. 2. More Cores and Better Performance 3. An Increase in Cache

it included both large, performance-oriented Golden Cove cores and smaller, more efficient Gracemont cores—part of the reason for the significant increase in generational performance

For this generation, you can expect comparable improvements to those we witnessed from the 10th generation (Comet Lake) to the 11th generation (Rocket Lake).

If that’s the case, then we can assume that Raptor Lake will be little more than an incremental upgrade to Alder Lake’s existing processors, keeping the same socket and (mostly) same functionality.

Raptor Lake will be the tick as opposed to Alder Lake’s tock. You’ll have to wait until 2023 for the arrival of Meteor Lake chips if you want another tock

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