iOS 16 Release Date Confirmed

Annual iPhone event in September 2022, iOS 16 is expected to be released to everyone. However, all of this is speculative, as Apple has only stated that the device will be available in the fall

iOS 16 could be released on Monday, September 19, 2022, or any other day that week. When it comes to the public launch, it’s always in the fall, generally in September

Immediately following the release of the first developer beta of iOS 16, the first public beta should be available in a matter of weeks.

A succession of public and development betas for iOS 16.0 will follow, culminating in an official release. Learn how to set up an iOS beta for developers

Live Captions is only accessible on iPhone 11 and later and requires the LiDAR scanner for identification of Door and Person on iPhone 12 Pro or later, Apple advises

Developers who have signed up for Apple’s Developer Program can try out the iOS 16 beta. The general public should anticipate to be able to join up for a public beta test around the latter part of July 2022.

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