iPhone SE (2022)

At $429 / £419 / AU$719, the iPhone SE (2022)’s 64GB variant is the most expensive option available

The iPhone SE (2022) looks and feels much like the 5-year-old iPhone 8, which is positively ancient in smartphone years.

Your 4.7-inch screen will be dwarfed by the phone’s large bezels, chin, and a physical Home button (albeit it won’t do anything when you press it).

Let’s not pretend that this phone is any better than any other on the market, because it isn’t. As a result, we’d want to see a more modern design language introduced into the product line.

The iPhone has one embedded in the Home button, whilst the Redmi has one embedded in the power button on the right side of the phone

The iPhone SE (2022) display was never going to be large because of its compact chassis and large bezels. It’s incredibly small, though, at just 4.7 inches wide.

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