mac OS 13 Features

Apps can be organised into groups, which can be found on the left of the desktop, thanks to Stage Manager, a development of Continuity and multitasking that is also present in iPadOS 16.

The app will display in the centre of your screen so that you can easily drag and drop files into the app. This makes dragging and dropping files much easier.

Using Apple Music in Photo Memories, you may now add a tune to one of these albums instead of importing a photo from your camera roll.

 You can now see the same weather animations and valuable information on your Mac thanks to the app moving to Ventura and iPadOS 16.

Additionally, Voice Control observes improvements in learning new words by syllabication. In the future, macOS Ventura will keep this in its dictionary for future reference.

Another option is to type out live captions for a FaceTime chat, or an app for the Mac, such as Skype

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