Meta Quest 2 VR headset price jumps to $399

Meta’s Tuesday announcement struggles to clarify exactly why the hardware is jumping $100 across the board

Should you take the announcement at face value, its flat declaration might sound logical: “The costs to make and ship our products have been on the rise.”

Meta could have addressed this upcoming price change—with the head strap being the easiest possible option since Meta already sells a “Elite” Quest 2 head strap

But according to the announcement, Meta is standing still on any additional hardware features or updates.

Instead, the company gives us a shoulder-shrug offer of a single free game, the popular $30 rhythm-arcade title Beat Saber, for anyone who buys the VR system between August 1 and December 31

This pack-in game offer stands in stark contrast to Nintendo’s 2011 debacle surrounding the 3DS console and its exorbitant $249 price

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