Microsoft Officially Ends All The Updates For Windows 10


             April 29, 2023

Microsoft has set an end of life date for Windows 10, but most people don’t need to worry about it for a while, say experts.

Microsoft is getting closer and closer to putting Windows 11 on the market.

Several things have pointed to the update, such as an optical image file (ISO) of the operating system and a special event later in June.

The company also said when it will stop supporting Windows 10. After 2025, it will no longer help anyone.

Most Windows 10 users don’t need to worry about the end of Windows 10, at least not yet, say experts.

“Windows 10 can still be used, even though support for it has ended. I think you should remember that.

The CEO of Gadget Review, Christen da Costa, is a tech expert who said, “If your computer runs Windows 10, it will still work in 2025.”

In the end, knowing when Windows 10 service will end doesn’t change much about the present.

The operating system will still work well for a long time after service ends and Microsoft releases Windows 11.

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