Download GoodNotes for Windows

Step 1. Since GoodNotes for windows is not available in the Chrome Webstore, an emulator has to be downloaded which will then load the macOS on the virtual machine of your Windows system.

Step 2. The loaded macOS on your virtual machine will then readily allow you to access the Apple Store from where you can download GoodNotes windows.

Step 3. Oracle VirtualBox is a reliable emulator that you can use for this purpose. The download link to this emulator is as

Step 4. As an alternative option, you can also download the iPadian emulator for this process. The download link is as follows:

Step 5. Once the emulator is up and running on your virtual machine, GoodNotes for pc can be downloaded on your Windows computers from the Apple Store.

Step 6. Care should be taken not to stretch your PC requirements to the limits as two Operating Systems running at the same time can be taxing for your system.

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