New Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti as strong as RTX 3090 Ti

This year, Nvidia is expected to unveil its RTX 40-series of graphics cards. Several leaked details about the cards have already been made public.

New graphics cards from Nvidia, the RTX 40-series, are based on the ‘Ada Lovelace’ architecture and will be an improvement over the current RTX 30-series cards

In addition, AMD’s RX 7000-series cards and Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs, which mark Intel’s entry into the discrete GPU market

The tweet also included information about the upcoming GPU’s core count, memory capacity, and power consumption

When compared to the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, the AD104 GPU will have a 12x increase in cache and 48MB of L2 cache

This means that the AD104 GPU will have 25 percent more cores and up to 160 ROPs.

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