Nvidia Geforce RTXTM 30 Series

Nvidia provided part of this information, while retail sources provided others, and our own experiences with the cards rounded out the rest of the information

When it comes to processing large amounts of data, the more CUDA Cores a GPU has, the more efficient it is.

– It’s important to note that, in theory, GDDR6X memory should be able to handle more demanding games at higher resolutions than GDDR6 memory.

– We didn’t include Nvidia’s suggestions for how much overall power you’d need for a PC with each card installed, since buying a power supply is a separate issue.

All of Nvidia’s 30-series cards support FreeStyle, ShadowPlay, Highlights, G-Sync, and GPU Boost. They’re all HDMI 2.1-compliant and VR-ready

The essential capabilities of the Nvidia 3060, 3060 Ti, 3070, 3080, and 3090 are the same, despite their differing levels of horsepower

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