Online Privacy Protection Tips


March 10, 2023

Use a Virtual Private Network.

VPNs are the number one go-to software to protect online privacy. They create a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet so that no third party can spy on your browsing activities. A reliable VPN for mobile devices or computers has a zero-log policy, which means it does not collect and share your information with third parties.

Avoid Google services.

Google is the biggest data-scraping company that uses its search engine to collect your information. You can use an alternative like, which is more privacy oriented. Simultaneously, there are alternatives to Google Chrome browser, such as TOR network or Brave browser.

Store information in a secure Cloud.

Instead of trusting your pictures with Facebook and your videos with TikTok, you can use secure Cloud storage to keep the information safe and available. Facial recognition companies often use these social networks to fill their databases with pictures without your consent, which can be later misused by governments that often use their services to spy on citizens.

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