OpenAI Launches Free ChatGPT App for iOS!   

How to get Android and iOS to work with ChatGPT?


Account on OpenAI

The company OpenAI makes ChatGPT, and to use it, you need an OpenAI account. Setting up an OpenAI account is free and easy. Just go to ChatGPT’s website and quickly create an account. You will need to give a real phone number as part of the proof process. After that, keep following the instructions. You can also sign up for the service on your phone.

A Browser for the Internet

Even though it seems simple, ChatGPT only works if you have a fully updated browser. On Android, you can use Google Chrome, and on iOS, you can use Safari. But you can use any browser you like because they should all work the same. You can also switch to Chrome if you’re having trouble.

How to use ChatGPT on an iPhone or an Android?



Open one of your phone’s web browsers. Like Google Chrome. In the address bar, type to go to the main ChatGPT page.


Then, tap “Try ChatGPT” at the top or scroll down and tap the same-named button. You might not see this screen and move on to the next step right away.


When you go to the site for the first time, you probably won’t be signed in. So, click the button here that says Sign In. Tap Continue after entering your email address and password.


Now, you’ll see a short warning about the tool. To use the ChatGPT AI robot, you need to tap “Next” and then “Done.


And you are all done! You can now use your phone to go to the ChatGPT website and talk to the AI bot about anything.

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