Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac

Over two-dozen new features are included in this release, which is compatible with all new Apple OSes and hardware, and is optimised for all Intel and all Apple M1 processors

Windows apps on Mac can be run without rebooting, files and folders can be shared between Mac and Windows apps without slowing down performance, graphics applications

Setup is quick and painless. Parallels Desktop will automatically optimise your VM settings and performance based on the information you provide.

Windows 11 can be downloaded, installed, and configured in a single click, and a free set of Linux systems can be accessed.

Effortless efficiency. Transform your Windows desktop into a purely Mac one by using the Coherence feature, which allows you to move and share clipboard content

A first-rate job. Running Windows apps on a Mac with near native Mac performance and enjoying classic Windows games along with Visual Studio, SolidWorks and Autodesk

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