Pixel 6 run on 90hz

The bad news is that, as of right now, switching the phone to high refresh rate mode requires utilising an undocumented hack

Even while at least one Pixel 6a was coerced into operating at 90Hz, whether or not your own device will allow you to do so remains unclear

In our assessment of the Pixel 6a, we didn’t find this to be a major flaw, but others did.

A recent software mod suggests that the Pixel 6a can be tricked into running at a faster refresh rate, though evidence that all phones can truly do so at the moment is sparse.

It was discovered earlier that the Pixel 6a’s display panel is capable of a higher refresh rate of up to 90Hz or even 120Hz.

Of course, Twitter videos can’t show off a high refresh rate, but the popular UFO framerate test and Android’s refresh rate overlay would prove otherwise

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