Qualcomm Snapdragon 8  Mobile Platform Series

Snapdragon 8 Series: The series mobile platforms with multi-core CPUs provide the pinnacle of performance, power efficiency, and 4G LTE connectivity for connected computing.

Snapdragon 7 Series Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series mobile platforms provide high- and ultra-high-tier smartphones and other form factors with in-demand premium features including the Qualcomm

Snapdragon 6 Series Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 series mobile platforms deliver enhanced mobile user experiences across a variety of form factors, from smartphones and tablets to embedded designs and connected cars

Snapdragon 4 Series Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 series mobile platforms are built to enable the most popular smartphone and IoT features, such as high-speed Internet, cutting-edge camera technology

Snapdragon 2 Series The Qualcomm 2 series is intended for OEMs who serve customers who would otherwise be unable to obtain high-quality, low-cost, and dependable mobile devices.

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