6 Quick Ways to Increase Ram Speed


            May 3, 2023

1. Restart your computer.

 This is a troubleshooting tip that you’re certainly familiar with, but it’s popular for a reason.

2. Use Windows Tools to Check RAM Usage

You don’t have to guess what’s utilising your RAM; Windows has capabilities to show you what’s going on.

3. Remove or disable unwanted software

Now that you know which apps consume the most RAM on your computer, consider if you actually use them.

4. Maintain Your Apps

You should always install software updates as soon as possible for security reasons, but doing so can also help you save RAM.

5. Manage Running Programs and Use Lighter Apps

What if you really need to free up RAM on your computer,

6. Run a malware scan

If your RAM keeps disappearing, it’s worth looking for spyware on your computer.

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