Samsung 990 Pro PCIe gen 5 review

Harukaze5719 discovered that the forthcoming drivers have been announced by the Korean RRA (National Radio Research Agency)

Samsung has submitted both the MZ-V9P1T0 and the MZ-V9P2T0 as model names

The model number “MZ-V8P1T00” identifies the currently available Samsung 980 Pro PCIe Gen 4.0 SSDs

These appear to be the Samsung 990 Pro 1 TB and 2 TB PCIe Gen 5 SSD drives of the future.

The drives can store up to 15.36 terabytes of data, but users of consumer platforms shouldn’t count on capacities that high.

Considering that upcoming PCIe Gen 5.0 SSDs will support transfer rates of up to 14 GB/s and storage capacities of up to 8 TB, we may assume that Samsung’s storage offerings

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