Samsung Galaxy A32 Gets Android 12 Update With One UI 4.1

By Nick Rana

16 December 2022

Compared to the A32 5G, the A32 5G’s 6.5-inch 720p LCD panel is nothing spectacular. Although the screen is bright enough to view in direct sunshine, its reflective plastic surface makes it difficult to see the colours

There were some sluggish moments, but for the most part, the phone ran smoothly and quickly as I used it for everyday tasks. That’s all I’d ask for on a phone under $300.

The A32 5G offers a few features that make it worth your time. It is critical that the Federal Communications Commission has approved the A32 5G’s usage of the C-band frequencies

If you expect to keep your phone for just a few years, the N10 5G is well worth a closer look. Even 5G becomes less significant if that’s the case. There is a $349 Google Pixel 4A, whic h has a much better camera and cleaner software but no compatibility for 5G

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