Samsung Galaxy Note 20

It’s fantastic to have a 120Hz display: When the Adaptive motion smoothness setting is enabled, scrolling is as smooth as butter.

When using the Note 20’s S Pen, you receive a faster 9ms response time and a more authentic pen-to-paper experience.

It’s hard to stop learning new S Pen tricks: Using the new Air Actions can be useful (like drawing a a quick arc in the air to go Home).

Modes such as DeX over Wi-Fi and Link to Windows both work (quite well) I was able to utilise the Note 20 Ultra as a touchpad to control my TCL Roku TV via wireless connectivity

It’s a lot of money: Even with all of its bells and whistles, a phone like this flagship costs more than $1,300.

There was a release date of August 21, 2020, for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and it is accessible on all of the major US carriers

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