Samsung m7 review

Samsung m7 review, Replacement for the Samsung 43M70A, the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 S43BM70 is a 4k smart monitor.

It’s not like a regular monitor because it has a smart interface built right in and a tonne of streaming apps integrated right into it.

Thus, it is effectively a 43-inch TV devoid of a tuner but with characteristics more commonly associated with monitors, such as ergonomic adjustments to the stand

You can use the accompanying remote’s microphone to command the Bixby or Alexa voice assistants, or you can use the display’s microphone to do it hands-free.

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 S32BM80 is a 32-inch edition of Samsung’s Smart Monitor with a different set of connections and a reduced screen size.

The Samsung M7 is an excellent media player. With the wide variety of streaming apps available on the Tizen OS smart interface, you may enjoy your media collection without even needing a PC.

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