Samsung Monitor Odyssey G9

Samsung monitor odyssey g9 32:9 240 Hz Curved HDR G-SYNC VA Gaming Monitor has a wide 32:9 aspect ratio on a 49″ diagonal, which is the same as having two side-by-side 16:9 QHD displays and is ideal for game development, finance

While the 240 Hz frame rate helps to maintain smooth action without artefacts, the Quantum Dot technology, HDR compatibility with 1000 nits of brightness

The 49-inch, ultra-wide, Dual QHD 5120 x 1440 display allows for effortless multitasking without the need for bulky secondary monitors, all while displaying vivid, high-definition visuals.

There is less strain on the eyes because of the more consistent distance from the screen to the eye with a radius of 1000mm.

The Odyssey G9’s 1.07 billion colour depth, QLED technology, and support for up to 125% of the sRGB and 95% of the DCI colour spaces allow for more accurate reds and greens.

Additionally, each screen has been calibrated at the manufacturer to provide the highest level of image accuracy and realism.

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