Save A  Image From  "Google Image Hunt Results"

You can either save a picture/ image on the device which you’re using while browsing.

Or you can store it in your Google Collections and browse them whenever you want to.

Step 1 to Save Image You have to right-click a picture or an image in your Google hunt results.

You have to choose a position write the filename and also simply select the ”Save” option.

Step 2.  After that step, it’ll bring up the environment menu.

Step 3.  If you’re using Mac also you can just simply press control and click (Ctrl-click) to open the environment menu.

Step 4.  Now you have to simply select the option”Save Image As”.

Step 5.  After that step, choose the position of the train and give it an asked name. Also select the option ”Save” and you’re done.

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