Should i upgrade to windows 11 for gaming

Should i upgrade to windows 11 for gaming After the release of Windows 11 in October, customers of Windows 10 who also own eligible hardware will be offered a free upgrade

While the newest version of Windows does improve upon its predecessor in some ways, it also falls short in others. Quality of life has been greatly improved in Windows 11, 

And it now has a fresh, uncluttered aesthetic. Unfortunately, it has stringent system requirements and an interface that may take some getting used to.

It’s not compatible with CPUs from before Intel’s 8th generation, which is a huge drawback for those who were hoping to upgrade.

It’s a clever tactic for getting people to upgrade their PCs, but it’s not fair to those who can’t because of a single piece of outdated technology.

Therefore, the current version of Windows cannot be installed on a computer with a 7th generation Kaby Lake processor.

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