Snapchat Plus Upcoming Feature

For €4.59 a month, Paluzzi has published screenshots of the paid subscription service (approx Rs 377). Depending on whether they choose a semi-annual or annual payment schedule

By offering subscribers access to unique material and privileges, Instagram claims that creators will be able to “build stronger connections with their most engaged followers and grow their recurring monthly income.”

When it comes to the price of their work, authors are expected to be allowed to charge anywhere from $99 (Rs 7,361 approx.) to $0.99 (Rs 73.2 approx.).

Users who have already been added to a Shared Stories group can now invite additional Snapchatters into that group to view and participate to the tale

When news stories are published online, Snapchat will automatically produce Stories on the app based on those stories, the firm revealed Tuesday

To better understand how Snapchat users are connecting and how advertisers can better match their messaging around these key themes in 2022, Snapchat released its ‘Snapchat Generation’ research.

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