Spaltoon 2

A direct successor to Splatoon, it was launched on July 21, 2017, and features a new story-driven single player game as well as a variety of online multiplayer modes

In general, the game was well-received when it was released. More than twice as many copies as its predecessor, Splatoon 2 had sold over 13.3 million copies by March 2022

This game will be followed up by Splatoon 3, which is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

For swimming or recharging their ink tanks, ink is also utilised to coat the earth, or any other paintable surface

It is possible to transform from a humanoid, or child, form, where they can walk and shoot at the same time, into a squid shape

There are a number of new weaponry in the sequel including dual-wielding pistols known as Dualies, shotgun-like weapons known as Brellas

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