Splatoon 3

Nintendo provided a comprehensive look at the world of Splatoon 3 in a new Nintendo Direct presentation, covering both the launch and the expected post-launch content for the next two years

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of everything that was announced or confirmed for Splatoon 3 during that Nintendo Direct.

The Splatana Wiper, a sword that shoots out waves of ink like a windshield wiper, and the bow-like Tri-Stinger, which fires a spread shot of paint and can be charged up for a powerful shot

In the same way, it can be energised for a devastating cut.

In addition, there are now special weapons that can be acquired in the midst of a fight.

No competitive multiplayer game would be complete without them. Museum d’Alfonsino, Hammerhead Bridge, and Mahi-Mahi Resort are just a few of the returning stages from previous games

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