Step by Step Guide on How to Reset Your Airpods!

Step-by-Step Guide to Reset AirPods

Restarting AirPods can fix problems with the connection, sound, sharing with iCloud, and personal information. Follow this guide to reset them.

Make Sure Everything is Properly Connected

Make sure your computer and AirPods are connected properly first. Make that Bluetooth is turned on in your device and that your AirPods are within Bluetooth connection range.

Go to the Bluetooth settings

The next step is to open the Bluetooth settings on your device. On an iPhone or iPad, go to "Settings" and tap "Bluetooth," on a Mac, click the Bluetooth button and choose "Open Bluetooth Preferences," and on Android, go to "Settings" and tap "Bluetooth."

Forget AirPods

Find your AirPods in the Bluetooth menu’s list of devices. Tap the “i” button next to your AirPods’ name and choose “Forget This Device” or “Unpair.” If asked, say “yes” to the move.

Reset AirPods

If you can’t find your AirPods or can’t find them in the list, put them both in the charging case and shut the lid. Wait about 30 seconds, and then take off the lid.

Find the Button That Says “Setup”

The AirPods charge case has a small button on the back that says “Setup.” Keep pressing this button until the white LED light on the front of the case starts flashing.

Reconnect the AirPods Back in

Go back to your device's Bluetooth settings and look for your AirPods in the list of connected devices. To connect, tap the name of your AirPods.

Check the Pairing

Accept the pairing request if your device asks you to. You may also be asked to do something, like enter a PIN that is shown on your computer, to prove who you are.

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