Street Fighter 6’s Rollback Netcode

Rollback netcode is all you need to rouse a fighting game fan’s interest. For the first time, we know that the latest Street Fighter game will have it courtesy to GameSpot reporter Tamoor Hussain

Fighting games rely heavily on precise inputs and readings, therefore this is done to get the experience as near as possible to playing locally.

Players on any platform can now easily play together thanks to the combination of rollback netcode and cross play.

As of this writing, SF6 appears to have learned a great deal from the mistakes of its predecessor, Street Fighter 5. Other recent fighting games have taught us many things

Street Fighter 6’s new “Drive” system, open-world exploration, and a slew of additional features demonstrate Capcom’s commitment to the Street Fighter IP.

As a result, a thorough crossplay feature will be implemented, allowing users to play against one another regardless of the platform they’re using.

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