The last of us part 1 worth it

One of the most critically praised games of all time is brought back into the spotlight with The Last of Us Part I, also known as The Last of Us remake

This PS5 remake follows the 2013 original release, the 2014 PS4 remaster, and the 2020 release of The Last of Us Part II, and it aims to bring the original and much-loved game more in line with the current sequel with a number of updates

It also arrives only months before the 2023 premiere of the HBO adaption, which will be one of the network’s flagship original shows.

Those who have completed The Last of Us: Part I and are looking for a fresh challenge can try one of two new game modes.

The name “Permadeath Mode” is spot on: The game will restart from the beginning if you die at any time during the 12- to 15-hour campaign.

The amount of advancement lost upon death is up for debate. If you die in a permadeath game, you can choose to start over from the beginning, from the beginning of the act

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