How to Factory Reset MSI Gaming Laptop

MSI laptops have a stellar reputation among gamers for their high-quality components and reliable performance

The necessity to uninstall everything and return the laptop to its factory settings is another possibility.

1. Plug in the power cord for your MSI laptop computer. Turning it off and then back on again may fix the problem if it is currently running. 2. If you want to access the System Restore menu, hit F3 when the MSI logo appears.

3. Select “Troubleshoot” and press the Enter key. 4. Select “Restore MSI factory settings” afterward

5. Then, select “System Partition Recovery” from the menu. In order to format the drive, the system will prompt you to do so.

6. Choose the “Yes” option to proceed with the factory reset. 7. Keep your MSI laptop plugged into the wall socket once the restoration process has begun. After the factory reset is complete, select “OK” to proceed with the installation

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