Top 10 Android 14 Features

Improved Battery Life

Google has improved Android's efficiency to reduce power drain, with changes to background tasks, downloads, and uploads. Additionally, the option to check "screen time since last full charge

Larger Fonts and Smarter Scaling

Android 14 allows users to scale fonts up to 200 percent, using nonlinear scaling to prevent wonky layouts and make text more readable for people with vision impairment.

Notification Flashes

Android 14 enables users to turn on camera and screen flashes for incoming notifications to help people with hearing loss.

Better Support for Large Screens

Google announced help for developers to build apps that adapt to different screen sizes, mirroring Apple's success in transitioning from iPhone to iPad to MacBook.

Restricting Photo and Video Access

Android 14 adds an option to select the specific photos and videos it is allowed to access, similar to Apple's iOS 14. This will help users feel more comfortable with the all-or-nothing nature of granting apps access.

Enhanced Security

Android 14 has improved security features, such as not allowing older apps from Android 5.1 and earlier, and improved support for authentication with passkeys enabling biometric login instead of passwords.

Regional Preferences

Android 14 has improved support for gendered languages and language customization based on region, allowing users to set systemwide temperature, calendars, and numerals. This will persist through backup and restore.

Satellite Connectivity

Android 14 offers system-wide customization of temperature, calendars, and numerals, as well as improved support for gendered languages and language customization based on region.

Predictive Back Gestures

Google has added a back arrow and predictive back gestures to Android, making it easier to navigate and where a back swipe will take you. It is currently unclear where a back swipe will take you.

App Cloning

Google is testing an option in the settings menu to enable two accounts in the same app, but it may not make the final Android 14 release. Workarounds are available, but an official Android option may work better.

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