What Are the Features of Zoom IQ?


          March 29, 2023

Integration with AI assistants

Google’s AI Assistant works with Zoom as of February 2021.

Zoom Rooms

As the covid pandemic ends and the world moves to the “New Normal,” Zoom’s next challenge will be to win the office space.

The Virtual Backgrounds

One of the best things about Zoom is that users can blur the background or replace it with an image or video to make meetings more private

Video Compression

video algorithm finds the most important parts of the image and makes sure they have the best resolution.

Processing Sound

Zoom uses Deep Learning algorithms to process audio signals and improve the sound quality of meetings.

Live Transcription

This is especially helpful for people who live in noisy places or whose sound quality isn’t very good.


Zoom uses machine learning to make fraud detection models that can find and stop things

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