What Are The New Features In Android 14?


          April 3, 2023

Improved Battery Life

There isn’t one feature that stands out, but Google has worked hard to make Android run faster and use less power.

Notification Flash

You can make the camera flash or the screen flash when you get a notification with Android 14 Developer Preview 2, though.

Larger Fonts

one of the biggest changes in Android 14 is that the font sizes are bigger.

Better Support for Large Screens

Google said right away in the first developer preview that it would help developers make apps that work well on different-sized screens.

Limiting Access to Photos and Videos

If you don’t like that an app can see all of your photos and videos or none of them, you’ll be glad to hear that Android 14 lets you choose which ones it can see.

Better Security

Malware tends to target older versions of Android to get around the security improvements in newer versions, so Android 14 won’t let you install apps from Android 5.1 and earlier.

Regional Preferences

Whether you like the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, calendar or number, you can set these system-wide in Android 14.

Cloning an App

you can use two accounts at the same time.

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