What Features does PlayStation VR 2 Provide?


            April 6, 2023

Single Cord Design

The fact that the PSVR2 headset only has one cord could be one of the most interesting things about it.

Better Picture Quality

The 4K OLED HDR panel on the PSVR2 lets you see images that are up to 2000×2040 per eye.

Eye-Tracking Technology

There have been rumors that the PSVR2 could have eye-tracking technology to improve the VR experience and make it easier to avoid getting sick.

New Controller Design

There are rumors that Sony will make new VR controllers for the PSVR2 to go with the headset.

Compatibility with the Backwards

Sony says that the PSVR2 will work with the PlayStation 5, but it’s still not clear if it will also work with the PlayStation 4.

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