What is T-Mobile’s Metro PCS Plan?


           May 3, 2023

With around 300 million people and 1.6 million square miles, T-Mobile’s 5G network includes almost the whole country.

It reaches almost twice as many square miles as AT&T and four times as many as Verizon.

T-Mobile keeps turning on Ultra Capacity 5G in more places than anyone else to give more people access to very fast 5G speeds.

50 million people already have access to ultra-capacity 5G, which has an average internet speed of 350 Mbps and a maximum speed of up to 1 Gbps.

T-Mobile hopes that by the end of the year, 200 million people across the country will be able to use it.

5G can already help people stay in touch with the people and things that are most important to them by giving them wider service and faster speeds.

People with 5G are better able to do things that take a lot of data: 92 percent said downloading movies was better

People who only need one line can get a cheaper deal from Metro by T-Mobile.

You can use the device you’re using right now to put this plan into action. 

You will also have 30 days from the time you turn on your own device to sign up for device safety.

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