Windows 11 and windows 10 comparison

Windows 11 and windows 10 comparison, If your computer runs Windows 10 and is also compatible with Windows 11, the upgrade is free.

Just before Windows 11’s release, Microsoft will roll out an enhanced version of its PC Health Check programme, which will let customers check if their current PC is capable of running the new operating system

In general, Windows 11 should be compatible with third-party programmes designed for Windows 10.

Applications developed for Windows 10 run well on Windows 11 beta and developer releases. In the final version of the new OS, everyone should act the same.

The visual style of Windows 11 is very different from that of Windows 10. Windows 11 has a more Mac-like aesthetic than previous versions, with softer colours, rounder corners, and a more streamlined UI.

The Start menu and taskbar have been relocated to the middle of the screen, although users may easily switch them back to their previous Windows 10 positions on the left side of the screen

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