Wordle 356 June 10 hints

Many people now use Wordle as a tool to check their English vocabulary, in spite of the game’s simple rules

Wordle refreshes its word of the day at midnight every day, and players get six chances to guess the globe. Color-coded tiles show the clues.

This week’s Wordle (Wordle 356, June 10) word is PEITY, which means “the quality of being religious or spiritual.”

There were two Wordle words of the day: TRAIT for Wordle 354 and FLOOD for Wordle 353 – June 7

Users will appreciate the website’s clean appearance and the ease with which they can hop right into the game. Users can select among ‘Hard Mode,’ ‘Dark Theme,’ and ‘Colour Bling Mode’ in the top-right settings section.

In addition, this hidden Wordle phrase is completely random, however there are certain strategies to get close to your goal.

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