Wordle 357 June 11 HINTS

Before I provide the answer, I’ll give you a heads-up that this part contains spoilers in case you stumbled onto it by mistake.

The rules of Wordle are explained in a helpful pop-up when you initially load the game, but they’re not difficult to understand.

Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software programmer, created a word game that’s both simple to learn and fun to play with friends.

Wordle offers players a surprising number of tries to get the word right. Depending on whether or not you’ve entered the alphabets correctly, they’ll be highlighted in a different colour on the screen

As a result, if you type in an alphabet, the box turns grey. When this happens, it’s an indication that you’ve made a typing error.

‘GOOSE’ is the Wordle 357 answer for the 11th of June. Large waterbirds, geese have a long neck, small legs, and webbed feet, as well as a short broad bill.

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