WWDC Kick off Next Week

This year’s WWDC will begin with a keynote address by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who will unveil new versions of iOS and macOS across a range of devices. This year’s major Apple software release is the latest updates.

At WWDC, Apple announces its software strategy for the next 12 months. To start off the annual WWDC developer conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook will deliver the latest versions of Apple’s software for iOS, iPad, Mac, Watch, and TV on Monday.

It’s possible that Apple’s rumoured mixed-reality headset won’t be unveiled next week.

Third-party software developers, such as those who attend WWDC, are critical to Apple’s financial success.

Apple’s platforms would lose their appeal to customers and users if they didn’t have a steady stream of new, high-quality applications to choose from. An estimated $20 billion is made each year from App Store software sales.

This year’s WWDC is the first time an in-person component has been included after it was exclusively virtual for the previous two years.

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