Xbox Cloud Gaming

A phone or tablet running iOS, iPadOS, Android, or Windows with internet connectivity To party up with friends or earn your next Victory Royale in Fortnite, simply head to on your web browser and login in with your Microsoft Account.

As we continue our cloud journey, adding a Free-to-Play title to the cloud gaming catalogue is a significant milestone. We’re starting with Fortnite and plan to add other popular free-to-play games in the future.

Troubleshoot legacy network issues If you’re on a Wi-Fi network, make sure it’s a 5 GHz network rather than a 2.4 GHz network (you may see interference on a 2.4 GHz network).

Clear the app cache if you’re using an Android device. Select the Xbox Game Pass app in Settings > Apps, then Storage > Clear Cache.

Using a USB cable, connect your controller straight to your device. See “Using a personalised DNS” below if you’ve updated your DNS settings. If your device has the option to switch to Best Performance Mode, turning it on may improve

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