Snapchat is known for its various unique features and different emojis. To increase the user interaction – shows emojis after a person’s name which makes it unique. One emoji is here which creates confusion is an hourglass. What does hourglass mean on Snapchat? To know in detail about it and how it directly relates to streaks? Let us get a brief knowledge about it in detail. 

what does hourglass mean on snpachat

Hourglass emoji-like fire emoji, are related to snap streak. As they remind snap streak is going to end. It measures how often you get connected to your friends and loved ones. 

What Is a Snap Streak?

It is very important to know about the base. Before talking about what does hourglass means on Snapchat, it is very important to discuss snap streak. 

You share snaps with your loved ones. When you do something creative. But do you know when you share the snap daily for three consecutive days what happens?

When you share snap for three consecutive days daily by both sides starts a snap streak. 

To maintain the streak, you will have to exchange snaps at least once in 24hours. This will generate fun to explore and send snaps and create regularity. 

You will see a number next to the fire emoji, displaying the number of days your streak is going on. If you don’t share snaps in 24 hours. Streak and emoji will disappear. 

What Does the Hourglass Mean on Snapchat?

Hourglass emoji mean a reminder of your creativity. When your streak is about to end up. Hourglass emoji will show up right next to your name. 

When you see the hourglass emoji and you did not respond to it. Your streak will end up. When it is about 20hours gone than an hourglass emoji show up and gives you 4 hour to save your streak and moments. 

Within 4 hours if you exchange snaps you will continue to your streak. If not then you have to start other by sending snap three consecutive days. 

Hope this is a proper answer to your problem which is what does hourglass means on Snapchat.

What Does a 100 Icon Next to a Snap Streak?


As we have already discussed snap streak means you are in regular communication of sharing snaps to your beloved ones. And 100 means you both have exchanged share snaps over 100 years with each other. Which is very high. You both share a good bond. And know each other’s daily life for 100 years. 

For this admirable day, Snapchat awards you with this special honor to celebrate your snap streak. 

What Is a Snap Streak Error?


When you are enjoying your streak with full guidance. And suddenly an error comes out, without any reason as you are following rules and regulations as well your friend. Then it is very important to resolve this issue asap. To solve this issue. Follow the steps carefully. 

  1. Go to the Snapchat support page. 
  2. Find the “My Snap Streak” button
  3. Fill out the necessary information. 

When you correctly fill in all your information. Snapchat will guide you. 

Follow these instructions and here you can enjoy your snap streak without any problem. It will only happen if you and your friend does not break any rules. 

How Long Does Hourglass End Up on Snapchat?

After getting the answer of what does hour glass mean on Snapchat. It is very important to discuss how long it stays. 

It stays only for four hours. If you did not respond either your snap streak will end up or to continue must react to it. 

I Have Already Shared a Snap? Then What Does the Hourglass Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

Buddy as you have already heard about teamwork. Importance of teamwork. It is also a teamwork role. Hourglass emoji means maybe your friend has not sent you a snap within 24 hours. This is not individual work. You and your friend both have to work on it. Have to share snaps regularly to maintain a streak. 

If you and your friend both have sent snaps some time ago. Then you both have to wait for some time maybe Snapchat has not updated the emoji of your or your friends. then you simply need to wait for some time or if you want to disappear that right away then you can refresh your Snapchat app. Or log out and log in to your account. 

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Can Both People See the Hourglass Emoji?

Yes, you both can see the hourglass emoji accordingly. As it is a very polite way of Snapchat say your snap is about to end. Guys do something

As it becomes both of your responsibility to continue the streak appropriately. Either your streak will end up and the fun, happiness and creativity will end up within some time.

Hope this article will be helpful for you. If you found any queries or suggestions you can reach us in the comment section.