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What If Your iPhone Isn’t Popping Up On iTunes

What If Your iPhone Isn’t Popping Up On iTunes

Let’s go from the beginning. All iPhone users know that you need to have iTunes for connecting your phone to a Mac or a PC. It’s often the best and sometimes the only option for these two devices to connect. Why would you need such a connection? For various reasons. Sometimes, you need to update your iPhone, restart it, or transfer some files to your PC. And again, the only way to do so could be via iTunes.

So, if your iPhone isn’t popping up on iTunes, it’s a potentially significant issue. However, do not get desperate just yet. There is a way to fix such an issue. I’ll suggest a couple of solutions, and yes, some of them might be obvious but don’t resent me for that. I just want to make sure we’ve covered all the bases here.

Try using a different USB cable

Okay, here is one of the basic suggestions. If you haven’t already done it, try. It can’t harm. In some cases, a faulty cable or something small within the USB port can be the reason for your iPhone not popping up on iTunes. To check if that’s the reason, you can check if you see your iPhone at all on your desktop. If not, there is no connection, and you definitely need another USB cable. Just in case, try plugging in your USB cable in another USB port. Rarely, this could be a source of a problem as well.

Restart both of your devices

Again, a classic. If something doesn’t work correctly, switch it off and on. Do it on both of your devices, an iPhone and a desktop. Since you’re not sure which one of them is lagging, a simple restart on both will help you out. Hopefully.

Turn your iPhone on

Okay, I know I am being the Captain Obvious here, but I need to mention that your iPhone needs to be switched on and unlocked for iTunes to work. If it’s not, you have your answer why you cannot see it on your iTunes.

Tap on Trust Your Computer

If you’re connecting your iPhone to a Mac or a PC for the first time, you will see a notification on your iPhone to confirm that your trust your device. If you saw some pop-up before and by accident declined it, and you have no idea what it was, it might have been this one. For fixing the issue, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings > General
  2. Go to Reset
  3. Tap on Reset Location & Privacy

Now try to connect your iPhone to a computer, and the same question will pop up. This time, make sure to press on Trust, so these two devices can connect, and you can see your iPhone popping in iTunes.

Update your iPhone

Sometimes, not having the latest update of your iOS might cause bugs in the system. And one of these bugs might be the issue with iTunes. Therefore, make sure your device is updated correctly to the latest iOS version. Moreover, make sure that your iTunes and macOS are also updated. If you are using a PC, the same thing stands for Windows.

To update your Mac, go to System Preferences and tap on Update Software. For Windows, go to the Start button, tap on Settings > System & Security > Windows Update.

For updating iTunes on Mac, you need to go to App Store and check if there are any. If your iTunes is on Windows, open iTunes, tap on Help > Check for updates.

Update iPhone’s drivers on Windows

If you’re using Windows, like for any other app or software, you have iPhone drivers as well. And these drivers need to be up to date for your iPhone to show in iTunes. If you used Microsoft Store to download iTunes, here is how to update drivers.

  1. Disconnect your iPhone from a PC, unlock it, and connect it again using a USB cable
  2. Right-click the Start button and choose Device Manager
  3. Click on Portable Devices
  4. Right-click on iPhone and tap on Update Drivers
  1. Choose Search automatically for Updated Driver Software

After the latest driver’s update is installed, open your iTunes again. Now, if everything worked, you should be able to see your iPhone.

If you downloaded iTunes directly from Apple’s website, this is how to update the drivers.

  1. Connect iPhone to PC via USB cable
  2. Press Windows + R buttons simultaneously and enter following: %ProgramFiles%Common FilesAppleMobile DeviceSupportDriversClick on OK
  3. Tap right-click on Usbaapl64.inf or Usbaapl.inf and click Install
  4. Disconnect your iPhone, restart PC, and connect iPhone again

Once you open iTunes, you should see your iPhone pop up there.

Go to the Apple Support website

If all of the above didn’t work, of course, you can try with Apple’s support. Since many people are presenting their issues there, and some of those are pretty uncommon, maybe you have one of those. Therefore, the easiest way to find an answer is by visiting the website and searching for your particular case. Again, if you cannot find the answer, you can ask a question yourself.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you’ve managed to get your iPhone to your iTunes. Let me know in the comment below which problem you had and how you resolved it.

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